Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

January - Christian Visitor


Pastor's David A. Bigley

During teh season of Advent we prepared our hearts to receive the Christ child.  The season of Advent has ended and a New Year has begun.  The Christmas tree and lights will soon be packed away, waiting until next Christmas.  As we put our Christmas decorations into storage, we must be careful that we don't also pack away the Spirit of Christmas.  For Christ within our hearts is the very spirit of transformation.  Christ within is the motivation that transforms selfishness into generosity, indifference and prejudice into genuine love and concern for all others.

Advent has fulfilled its purpose.  The baby who was born in a manger because there was no room for him in the inn has found room in our hearts and lives.  The challenge as we begin the day by day journey of the New Year is to continue to give room in our hearts and lives for Christ.  Maybe a good New Year's resolution to make would be for us to be more mindful each day of God's presence with us, to purposely give room and place for Christ within the daily fabric our our lives.  Yes, the New Year is an opportunity for the transforming presence of Christ within us to be made known in new ways in our lives, in our community of faith, and in our world.  Happy New Year!



  1. Steve Stedman     2. Dale Overbeck


EAST                                    WEST

1.  Chet Bigley                               1. Melva Thyfault

2.  Allan Neal                                   2. Karen Goetsch

3.  Lucy Blood                                  3. Natasha Siebrandt

Homebound: Chet Bigley and Melva Thyfault

Food Pantry Delivery - Jerry VanWinkle

DEACONESS - Peggy Redl


    EAST                          WEST

1.  Indigo Blood                    1.  Cheyenne Jurgena

2.  Jason Thyfault               2. Jordyn Kleveland

3.  Bethany Ullman               3.  Caden Clapper

ACOLYTE - Waylon Overbeck


6th - Jo/Karen Goetsch

13th - Judy Ullman & Scott O'Donnell

20th - Chet/Laura Bigley

27th - Dale/Betty Overbeck


6th - Gary Thompson

13th - Tammy Weichel

16th - Jill Kuzelka

20th - Tessie Smith

27th - Youth Bell Choir

Nursery Attendants

6th- Lucy Blood & Melody Hinton

13th - Denise Thornburg & Marilyn Marshall

20th - Linda Larsen & Carol Arpke

27th - Natasha Siebrandt & Melva Thyfault


For the month of January:  Allen/Linda Grell