Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

March - Christian Visitor


Pastor's David A. Bigley

Some people primarily look at Lent as a time give up something.  Which leads to the humorous notions of what some people are willing to give up for Lent; here are a couple of examples.  "I'm giving up speaking to people I don't like."  "I'm giving up salads for Lent, NOT chocolate or ice cream.

But Lent is not so much about what we give up, it's about what we GAIN when we take the time to be more present to Christ who is always present to us!

OUR David Bigley

The journey through the season of lent is where we examine our hearts and we pray and repent.

Once again we renew our commitment to surrender our will to that of God as we follow the footsteps that Christ willngly trod.

With his eye to the cross and his heart overflowing with love for all he shows us dear Christians, our following, our call!



  1. Steve Stedman     2. Dale Overbeck


EAST                                    WEST

1.  Allan Neal                               1.  Melva Thyfault

2.  J.R. McCage                               2. Ted Huls

3.  Chet Bigley                                3. Charlene Huls

Homebound: Chet Bigley and Allan Neal

Food Pantry Delivery - Jerry VanWinkle

DEACONESS - Velma Willet


    EAST                          WEST

1.  Jozalyn Kuzelka              1.  Bethany Ullman

2.  Alyxzandria Kuzelka       2.  Cheyenne Jurgena

3.  Hektor Kuzelka               3. Jordyn Kleveland

ACOLYTE - Grace/Faith Bigley


3rd - Judy Ullman & Scott O'Donnell

10th - Jo/Karen Goetsch

17th - Alfred/Dorothy Smith

24th - Chet/Laura Bigley

31 - Open


3rd - Jill Kuzelka

10th - Linda Larsen

17th - Judy Ullman

24th - Tessie Smith

31 - Youth Bell Choir

Nursery Attendants

3rd- Melva Thyfault & Bethany Ullman

10- Natasha Siebrandt & Carol Arpke

17th - Marilyn Marshall & Denise Thornburg

24th - Jill Kuzelka & Megan Overbeck  

31 - Melody Hinton and Judy Ullman