Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

June/July - Christian Visitor


Pastor's David A. Bigley

Spring reminds us that we live in a delicate balance of nature.  For example; we need rain, for without it the grass in our lawns wouldn't grow (no more mowing), farmers wouldn't be able to raise a crop, and gardeners couldn't garden.  Without rain we would experience drought conditions with possible water restrictions  And yet, too much rain, as we in Nebraska know from experience, can be devasting as the rivers get out of their banks, flooding farm land and towns costing billions of dollars.

June 9th is Pentecost Sunday.  It's the Sunday we celebrate the birth of Christ's church as the Holy Spirit was poured out upon them and a curious crowd came to see what was going on and the book of Acts says that about three thousand became believers and were baptized.  Not a bad beginning!  Like the old saying:  "If the church catches on fire, people will come and watch it burn."  Maybe the church needs a fresh Pentecost, so our hearts and lives will be aflame with Christ's love and passion for all people.  We need the rain of the Holy Spirit upon our lives and upon Christ's church.  And it probably wouldn't hurt us if we allowed the river of the Spirit to overflow the banks of our traditions and human plans...just a it controlled flooding.  Yes, there is a delicate balance of being led by the Holy Spirit or quenching the Spirit by insisiting our will be done.  Let's keep praying for the rain of the Holy Spirit as we prepare teh buckets of our hearts to receive it.  Oh, and please God, patch any holes in our buckets!



  1. Judy Barnard    2. Dan Witulski


EAST                     WEST

1.  Linda Grell                      1.  Karen Goetsch

2.  Judy Ullman                      2. Mary Witulski

3.  Scott O'Donnell                3. ?

Homebound: Karen Goetsch

Food Pantry Delivery - Jerry VanWinkle

DEACONESS - Velma Willet


    EAST                          WEST

1.  Hektor Kuzelka              1.  Jason Thyfault

2.  Bethany Ullman              2.  Alyxandria Kuzelka

3.  Jozalyn Kuzelka             3. Cheyenne Jurgena

ACOLYTE - Waylon Overbeck


2 - Margaret Brown & Melody Hinton

9 - Alfred/Dorothy Smith

16 - Dale/Ardie Leggett

23 - Virginia/Ralph Larsen

30 - Sharon/Dennis Fielder

CHILDREN'S MOMENTS - No children's moments will be held during June and July.  They will resume on August 4th.

Nursery Attendants

2nd- Natasha Siebrandt & Amanda Duncan

9th- Barb Guenther & Judy Ullman

16th - Rhonda Kuzelka & Linda Larsen

23rd - Carol Arpke & Tessie Smith

30 - Bethany Ullman & Marilyn Marshall