Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

April - Christian Visitor


Pastor's David A. Bigley

Phil Callaway, relates this story...One sleepy Sunday afternoon when Phil's son was five-years-old, they drove past a cemetery together.  Noticing a large pile of dirt beside a newly excavated grave, his son pointed and said:  "Look, Dad, one got out!"  Phil says:  I laughed, but now, every time I pass a graveyard, I'm reminded of the One who got out.

On Easter Sunday we will celebrate the One who got out, the One who has defeated sin and death by His death and resurrection!  In Christ we have been raised to live life in a new way.  The way of love, the way of healing, teh way of reconcilliation, the way of overcoming evil by doing the good that Christ's love within us empowers us to do.  Because of Christ's resurrection we live with an eternal Spring in our step!

The Stone's Been Rolled Away - by David A. Bigley

Easter is a time of great celebration, For death could not hold its prey.

Jesus rose victorious, The stone's been rolled away.

Onto a cross they nailed him, In His death, sin and death hath died.

Their cruel reign has been forever defeated, The reconciling love of God is fully on our side.

The stone's been rolled away, No longer need we live in fear and shame.

The depths of God's love and grace, Have been forever revealed in Jesus' name.

Easter is a time of great celebration, We've been risen to life anew.

To walk in the light of God's love each day, For the stone's been rolled away.



  1. Betty Overbeck     2. Gary Thompson


EAST                                    WEST

1.  Christina Mann                        1.  J.R. McCage

2.  Muriel Thompson                       2. Kathy Buhr

3.  Scott O'Donnell                         3. Judy Powell

Homebound: Muriel Thompson and Kathy Buhr

Food Pantry Delivery - Jerry VanWinkle

DEACONESS - Liz Nimmich


    EAST                          WEST

1.  Indigo Blood                   1.  Alyxzandria Kuzelka

2.  Jason Thyfault              2.  Jozalyn Kuzelka

3.  Caden Clapper                3. Hektor Kuzelka

ACOLYTE - Waylon Overbeck


7th - Liz/Bob Nimmich

14th - Ardis/Dale Leggett

21st - Open

28th - Carol/Clay Scott


7th - Dan Witulski

14th - Norm Nicholson

21st - Linda Larsen

28th - Youth Bell Choir

Nursery Attendants

7th- Tessie Smith & Bethany Ullman

14- Amanda Duncan & Rhonda Kuzelka

21st - Lucy Blood & Linda Larsen

28th - Carol Arpke & Denise Thornburg