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First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Special Activities 2

First Christian Church is doing an updated PICTORIAL DIRECTORY  in conjuctioin with the celebration of the Church's 150th Anniversary.

Shelli Hubka, a Beatrice photographer, will be shooting the member photos and compiling/organizing the content for our new pictorial directory. Shelli is offering two options to have you/your family's photo included in the directory.  As we would like to include serveral pictures of congregational activities related to the 150th anniversary of the Church in the directory, planned completion and printing of the directory will take place in October, and both photo shoot options will include a free directory upon its completion.


These short photo sessions will take place on Saturday, May 21st from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM and Sunday, May 22nd from 12:30 - 6:00 PM with one image selected for inclusion in the Church Directory.  Sign-up sheets are available in the Narthex to sign up for a particular time on one of these two days to have you/your family's photo taken.  If none of the available time slots work with your schedule, please contact Shelli, our directory photographer, at (402)239-5004 to schedule your photo session outside this timeframe.  (Shelli has indicated that she is willing to schedule additional sessions after 3:00 pm on Saturday or 6:00 pm on Sunday to get all of the member photos done during this particular week-end.)

In addition to the Church Directory, members signing up for this phot session will receive one 8x10 print or two 5x7 prints.  If members would prefer wallet size prints or a digital image rather than prints, please contact Shelli at the phone number above prior to your photo session to confirm any such special requests can be honored.

OPTION 2:  30 Minute Photo Session at Location of Choice ($125.00)

Shelli will come to the location of your choosing, whether that be your backyard, your farm, along the bike/recreational trails, or a city park or other senic venue in Beatrice for a 1/2 hour photo session.  The picture for the Church directory can be done onsite at any such location, leaving the remaining photo shoot time for group family pictures.  Additional members of one's family are welcome to participate in these photo sessions as well.  With this option, congregation members will receive 20+edited image from the 1/2 hour session with copyright privileges to print as many of these images as desired for Christmas cards, framing for display purposes or to give as gifts, etc.  For Option 2, Shelli asks that you call her at (402)239-5004 to schedule your photo session to take place by June 30th.

A combination of the two options may also be an attractive possibilty for multi-generational families within the congregation whereby some families within the extended family could choose Option 1 and another family, such as grandparents or great-grandparents, could choose Option 2 and include children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in a large group photo.

For all photo sessions, payment is due at the beginning of the photo session.  Make checks payable to Shelli Hubka or 'Moments Made Photography".  For church members not wanting to purchase pictures and have a picture included in the directory, these members' names and addresses will still be included in the Church membership section of the directory.