Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ

Disciples Women's 

The purpose of our Disciples Women's group is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the Church of Jesus Christ!

*DISCIPLES WOMEN  - Thanks to  your generosity the Disciples Women have packed and sent 80 school kits and 57 health kits!

*Disciples Women to Meet! - All Ladies are Welcome!  The Disciples Women's Sweetheart Luncheon will be held on Wednesday,  May 5 at noon in the Fellowship Hall.  Program:  Peggy Redl - "Salt & Pepper Shakers".   

*Circle 5 - Circle 5 will meet at the Villa, 2211 Sunset Dr., at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 12th.  Hostess:  Dorothy Collins.  Study-Worship:  Margaret Brown.

*Circle 6 - Circle 6 will meet on Tuesday, May 10,  2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the parlor.  Hostess:  Judy Ullman; Lesson:  Tessie Smith; Bible Jingo:  Lois Nicholson; and Service:  Dorothy Smith.  Kit Items:  Health.  Roll Call:  May's food items ar "Breakfast Items".

*Sweetheart Luncheon - All ladies of the First Christian Church are invited to the annual Disciple Women's Sweetheart Luncheon on Thursday, May 5, 2022 at noon in the Fellowship Hall.  Ladies 80 and older will be the honored guests, with their lunch being paid by the Disciples Women.  The cost of the meal to others attending will be $12.00.  The meal will be prepared by Jeanne's of Lewiston and will include several selections of her homemade pies

A program will follow the luncheon, the theme (Shake, Shake) if any one has a favorite Salt & Pepper Shaker set you are encouraged to bring them.  The special invitations to our (Sweethearts) will be mailed on April 15.  Ladies if you have not received an invitation by April 21st, please call the church office (AM) and we will see that you get one!  All reservations should be made to the church at (402)223-3842 no later than Wednesday, April 27, 2022!  Mark you calendar!  We hope to see all the ladies of the First Christian Church in attendance at the Annual Sweetheart Luncheon to honor our "Sweethearts".

Coupons for Military Families:  Please help support our troops by remembering to bring your unused coupons to the church.  There is a box for them in the coat room.  We have people who will cut them -- but they need coupons.  Please call Peggy Redl at (402) 806-8679.  I can tell you when I can pick them up.  I am usually out on Tuesdays to pick up from others.