Following Christ By Serving Others

Sunday School:  9:00 a.m.  Worship:  10:15 a.m.

First Christian Church Disciples of Christ


Celebrating 17 Years! 

"The King's Kastle" was created in 2005 as a new and exciting way to teach children about Christ and his amazing love for us.  The Kastle consists of the following classrooms:

 1) The Musical Chamber - 

        "Frolicking Jugglers  and Jesters"

 2) The Creative Courtyard -

        "How Great Thou ART"

 3) Mystery Chamber -

        "Quest For Fun and Knowledge"

 4) The Delightful Dungeon - "Kastle Fun"

 5) The Medieval Masterpiece Theater -

       "All Ye Lords And Ladies Enter Here"

 6) Castle Steward & Guards -

        "Domain Keepers".


Our rotation curriculum centers include: Story/Drama, Games, Art, Music, Cooking, Science, Computer Lab and Movie Center.

Please note:  we have currently updated our theater with real movie theater chairs and curtains! 

Very exciting!